Designer with a decade worth of experience designing for award winning mobile games, B2B apps and Virtual Reality solutions.


A trilogy of games for PC, Mac and mobile devices based on my original student project from RMIT University. I was responsible for art direction and game design for the series while wielding Unity to create an immersive world inspired by Tim Burton and Super Mario alike. Nominated for a Webby Award.


A visualisation for Utestua, a cottage brand, showcasing their products in a flattering environment where the customer can explore their various cottage sizes. Starting with the barebones working files from the architect, as was able to export them from Rhino into Maya were I corrected the meshes and textures to prepare the model for VR. Composed them into a realistic looking environment and rendered it in Unity 3D with realistic light, shadows and reflections. Applied teleport navigation code, setup the colliders, and compiled the project ready for the customer handoff.

Media City

A VR experience of how the new Deloitte offices in the Media City Bergen would look and feel like. Created for the staff eager to move in and for the stakeholders to be able to immerse themselves in the proposed interior architecture. Presented by Deloitte managers and the interior architects at a national Deloitte convention.

By conceiving of and creating three iterations of the game Oscura (amongst others), Ole has shown his huge game design knowledge, his developed aesthetic sense and the fortitude to get things done. It was a pleasure to work with Ole on the Oscura Lost Light. He is always cheerful and collaborative. His vision and direction made Oscura Lost Light into a really great game.

John Sietsma, VR Developer at University of Newcastle

Ole is a great conceptual thinker with a great eye for detail and design. He is able to visualise and communicate his concepts clearly. He works well with developers to get the game mechanics he requires.

Stuart Flanagan, Developer at ABC

Ole's wit, intellgence and perceptive approach to digital media, is expressed in his art work with great economy, style and humour. Equally comfortable and adventurous in working with code, story telling or art direction, Ole is a model of a contemporary digital artist. A luxury and a pleasure to be his tutor at RMIT, as I'm sure it was me doing most of the learning.

John Power, Tutor at RMIT